Rothschilds, Murder and Massive Utah Oil Discovery

Source: Paul Drockton |

Staheli family roots go deep into Utah. Donald L. Staheli, a member of the Church's governing body, the Quorum of the Seventy also had another interesting association with the Council on Foreign Relations. For the unitiated, the Council on Foreign Relations is the elite Illuminati governing body charged with the responsibility for bringing the United States into the Luciferian One World Order. Jon Huntsman, former governor of Utah is a member of the CFR. So was his father before him.

Rothschild Coat of Arms

The history of the CFR is one of treason, Universal Socialism, and advocacy for normalized relations between Communist China, the former Soviet Union, and the United States. Jon Hughes, the Christian Scientist, and former Editor of the Mormon Newspaper (The Deseret News) was also a CFR member. Thanks to this publication, he was forced to resign. Illuminati operatives within the Mormon Church placed him over the School of Journalism at Brigham Young University.

"Staheli was the CEO of Allied Mills and then CEO of Continental Grain. He was the CEO of Continental Grain and the chair of the U.S.–China Business Council at the time of his call to be a general authority."

Staheli's company, Continental Grain, did more than its fair share to sustain the murder and misery behind the Iron Curtain. In 1964, the company made the first major grain sale to Russia while the latter was threatening to bury the "United States". (Source) Undoubtedly this helped stabilize a government that was threatening the US with nuclear missiles in Cuba at the time.

In 1972, the company sent 10 million tons of grain to the former Soviet Union. This, at the time when KGB and Communist Chinese agents were apparently subverting America's youth and Russia/China were fighting a proxy war with the United States in Viet-Nam. Trading with a known enemy constitutes treason. Treason is the right word used to describe the Council on Foreign Relations and its membership.

One of the greatest mysteries of Mormondom is the 1978 request from the East German, Stasi dominated government to build a Temple in their hard-core Atheist country. The Temple was completed and dedicated in 1985. The fact that East Germany was a Communist Russian puppet state in 1978, and that the Cold War and war in Afghanistan were both raging at the time, makes it even more interesting. It wasn't until 1987 that Ronald Reagan gave his famous, "Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall" speech.

Little known to most Americans is that a fully operating Mormon Temple was in use behind the very wall Reagan asked Gorbachev to tear down. Prior to Glasnost and Perestroika, hundreds of individuals had been gunned down while trying to defect to West Germany through Check-point Charlie.

The wall actually fell in 1989, a full 17 years after the Stasi and East Germany invited the Mormon Church to build a Temple on their Communist soil.

Illuminati Mormons, with Mitt Romney as their front-man, have been pushing the Mormon Church into integration with their "One World Order" objectives. Leading Mormon Patriots like Ezra Taft Benson, Cleon Skousen and myself have strongly resisted. Now, back to the Staheli family...

According to two verified sources, Brigham Young had made a very obscure prophecy about massive petroleum deposits in the Rocky Mountains and Utah. He also prophesied that the largest oil reserve in the world is in Utah, and that it would be discovered right before the world would start falling apart.

Enter Todd Staheli, pictured above. Todd was a Vice-President of the Shell Oil Company and a Utah native originally from the Southern part of the state. One of my agents, when I managed for Farmers Insurance, was a Staheli and a close relation to Todd. He told me back in 2002 that Todd had discovered the Brigham Young prophecy and was searching the state for the petroleum deposits on his own, outside of the auspices of Shell Oil.

Shell Oil is owned by the Rothschilds. (Source)The same Rothschilds that purportedly bailed out the LDS Church in the late 1960s. The same Rothschilds that control our Federal Reserve system and the immense wealth of the Satanic Cabal known as the Illuminati.

Regardless, in final months of 2003, Todd Staheli was found, with his wife, brutally bludgeoned to death, in a secure and gated community in Brazil.

"It was not a robbery, as a box of jewelry and a gold Rolex watch were apparently untouched, and there was no sign that anyone had broken into the home, located in a Rio area called Barra da Tijuca and known as "Brazilian Miami." Doors and windows of the house were untouched, there were no signs of a fight, and no one, including the children sleeping nearby, heard any commotion.

No weapons were found, not even in the lagoon behind the house. Cameras all around the house, which was surrounded by walls and had guards and surveillance, recorded nothing suspicious.

Neither of the Stahelis appeared to have put up a fight, and police are conducting toxicology tests to determine whether they had been drugged before the crime, according to Ricardo Miranda of ISTO? magazine...

Staheli traveled a lot for business, and the family lived in Bolivia, Switzerland, Ukraine, England and Saudi Arabia."